Dragonsbeard Bath Soap

Dragonsbeard Bath Soap

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Dragonsbeard soap and skin food is a collaboration between Oleo Soapworks and Frank also known in the wet shaving community as Dragonsbeard which is where the name of the collection name comes from. Frank who is not only a wet shaving enthusiast and collector of both vintage and modern razors but is also well known for what he calls “ Shave Offs “ where he compares two razors in one shave. He also developed a shaving technique he calls the SSSST, which is short of Skin Stretch Short Stroke Technique that many wet shavers are finding help them get better shaves with fewer passes and little to no irritation.

After speaking with him I learned that he’s been developing personal care products for over 25 years. Aside from developing skin and hair products for several other brands he also owns and operates his own hair care line named Alcamé that is sold in professional salons, spas and to the public via the Alcamé website. In our conversations he shared that many of his friends in the wetshaving community were encouraging him to release his own line of grooming products. Shortly after Frank told me that he had decided to launch his brand. It would be called Ethos :: Grooming Essentials.

Frank had also been working on a skin loving additive known as the EOS complex which means Earth Ocean Science. This proprietary blend contains 34 different beneficial components normally found in only very high end skin care products and is a unique mélange of many exotic luxurious ingredients. The EOS complex will be added to all products in the Dragonsbeard Collection as well as every Ethos product made in the future.

Made in collaboration with ETHOS Essential Grooming

4.2oz Net Weight

Ingredients: Beef Tallow, Avocado Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Potassium Hydroxide, Agarwood Oil, Oud Resin